CS Reference Sheet

MATHEMATICS Higher Engineering Mathematics – Dr. BS Grewal

Advance Engineering Mathematics – Erwin Kreyszig

Advance Engineering Mathematics – Dr. HK Dass

PROGRAMMING AND ALGORITHMS Data structure & Algorithm in C: Mark Allen Weiss

Programming Languages – Ravi Sethi

Introduction to Algorithms – Corman, Rivest

Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms – Horowitz

C programming – Kernighan and Ritchie

OPERATING SYSTEMS Operating Systems – Galvin

Operating Systems – Stallings

DISCRETE MATH AND GRAPH THEORY Discrete Mathematical Structures with applications to Computer Science -Tremblay and Manohar Discrete Mathematics – Rosen

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists – Mott

COMPUTER ORGANIZATION Digital Electronics – Morris Mano

Digital circuits – Taub & Schilling

Microprocessor – Ramesh Gaonker

Computer Organisation – Hamacher

DATABASE Database Systems – Korth

DBMS – Ramakrishnan and Gerke

COMPUTER NETWORKS Computer Networks- Tanenbaum
THEORY OF COMPUTATION  Theory of Computation- Dexter C Kozen

Introduction antomata theory, Languages and Computation – Hopcraft, Motwani & Ullman

COMPILER DESIGN Principles of Compiler Design – Aho and Ullman