GATE 2017: Last 135 days to shape your Destiny

May 20, 2018

“Work hard, Toil and achieve your dream.”

Success never comes to people who wait for things to happen, people who achieve success are the once who make things happen. So don’t wait up but start planning your next few months as the GATE exam fast approaches. It is that time of the year when it is important for you to refine your methodology of study. To help you with your planning we interacted with some of the faculties as to how should the students go ahead with their studies in the last few months. Below is a snapshot of what the faculties had to say:

Polish up your concepts with repeated numerical solving. Nothing helps better in polishing up the concepts than solving numerical. Make sure to solve all the questions on the back of the booklet and pick up more from reference books. Hammer your mind regularly with more and more numerical problems. This will help increase your conceptual grasp.

Pick up 4 topics from each subject that have the maximum weightage and get well versed with them. Your expertise with these 4 topics should be such that you don’t get a single question wrong.

Keep formulas on your fingertip. Concepts are no good if you don’t remember the formulas. The formulas should be so engraved in your head that even if someone woke you from slumber you just start reciting the formulas.

Try and give as many online mock tests as possible to get a feel of the test environment. This will help you calm your nerves and you will feel more relaxed during the actual GATE exam.

Solve last 16 years GATE paper by January. We are only afraid of the unknown. When we solve previous year papers we know how the questions can pan out. How can they be twisted? We are mentally prepared for it and hence the nervousness is decreased which helps us perform better.

Be regular in your lectures and tests. Never miss a lecture or a test in these final months. Missing out on concepts now can cost you dearly. Also do not be afraid of taking up tests. Tests will help you analyze which areas you need to improve on. Whether it is the conceptual clarity you need to work on or is it silly mistakes that are costing you marks.

Analyze the mistakes done in the test and rectify them. Remember “Once is a Mistake, Twice becomes a habit.” Do not give a test and just forget about it. Go home, sit down and analyze how you could have approached a problem in a better way. Once the test results are out, analyze what went wrong and don’t repeat the same mistake again.

Do not start studying just a week before GATE. Study regularly and in case of any doubts feel free to reach out to the concerned faculties. GATE is an exam where mind needs to be constantly hammered with concepts and numerical. It is not an exam which you can clear just by starting your preparation a week before.

I am sure you might have put in a lot of efforts till date. Now is not the time to let go off the accelerator. This is the time which will ultimately make it or break it for you. Give it all you have got and emerge as the champion.

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Shubhang Dimri
MBA From Nirma University
B.Tech From SRM University
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