How to balance University exams and GATE preparation

May 20, 2018

Dear Warriors,

Hope you all are doing fine.

I hope all your nervousness and anxiousness will be at its peak for the upcoming GATE exam. Many of you would be thinking that we have University exams as well as GATE in recent future, How will we manage both? Many would think that we had studied certain topics and subjects long back, how to revise them now? Other segment is worried about subjects and topics which are left to be covered yet. Many motivated guys are also making a daily schedule but are not able to follow that. I come across numerous such issues and student query every day and hence let me answer them one on one.

  1. How to manage between University exams and GATE preparation?

Around 10 lakh aspirants take GATE exam every year and This year is no different from other.One thing which is common across India is the dates of university exams.(normally in December every year). What point I wish to raise here is that exams like GATE are competitive exams and expects you to be just better than others and not the numero uno. Hence for a time being I would suggest make a balance between college studies and GATE preparation. Change your gears according to the traffic. Like What we do while driving a car. As soon as we see a highway , we switch to higher gear and when we approach a crowded place we move to lower gear. Likewise make smart moves to get smart results. Study those subjects right now which are common to this semester exams and GATE .

  1. We Only make schedules but are not able to implement them. What to Do?

I expect many of the engineers are facing this issue. See this is generic in our engineering blood guys. To come Out of such issue we need to motivate ourselves. We need to believe in our potential and we should keep our Moral up. We have to decide here whether we just wish to live a nomadic life or a settled one? Whether we want to be crowd or crowd puller? If you choose the later, you will have to be extra ordinarily charged up for the next 60 odd days. These 60 days can help you to be known by the world for the next 60 years or so. As far as schedule is concern, try to Make practical schedules and stick to deadlines. Do not make a week schedule. Make only three days schedule and try to follow it religiously. Create panic for yourself (as engineer perform best during panic). Don’t consider GATE is in February . Just feel as if you will have to appear for GATE in November End.

  1. What we should do just after our university exams?

Focus on revising and re-revising on whatever you have studied. Take All India Mocks and FLT every week and Analyze them thoroughly. Find out the concept for the questions which you could not attempt. For questions which you got wrong, don’t look at the answer solution provided at first go. Fight with the question, look up notes, reference book and try to find out the answer on your own rather than looking at explanations provided. Also Do not run behind one or two topics or even subject left to be covered. GATE is Not about scoring a century. Even if you get in 80’s You are in top league. I would first suggest you to take a full Length Test(online) to understand your potential. And then give it a jolt from there. In case you score 40 today , don’t feel that all of a sudden you will reach 80. First you will have to reach 50 and then 60 and then only one day 80 will come. This will come only via analyzing the tests you take on regular basis.

Don’t feel that first you will complete the syllabus then will take mock else your score will be less. Take the mocks as and when defined. As These IMT(ICE MOCK TESTs ) are comparing you with your counterpart( Across INDIA, even NON classroom students of ICE) who are also at the same stage of preparation and facing the same time management issues as you are. So if you feel that in one week you will escalate to one step more, don’t forget that your counter part can rise two during the same period. So live in Present. It’s my experience which says that best way to revise is to take as many tests as possible with 100% analysis of each and every question in depth.

Finally I would say, the final verdict depends on the greed and desperation you want. It’s your life and how you shape it depends on these 60 more days. Want to take up a IT company job or a PSU one or a Masters from prestigious  IISc/IIT , you need to choose right now. Remember my words “NO free lunches in this world” Nothing comes without hard work and passion in this world. You will have to slog hard, burn the mid night oil, hurt your ego and say “YES, I have done it in the past and I can do it in future too” Have a grudge with whatever your past would have been and try to make your future much- much better than what it seems right now. This is the time guys to Prepare hard and to say after the GATE exam that “ Sir I have given my best shot”.  Soldiers Never come back from battle field and say “ sir We could have done better” .Either they Die or Win the battle. Now it’s up to you to decide…

JAI  Ho!!!!!

Rohan Garg
PGCBM:IIM-C : Nirma University


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