How to prepare for GATE-18 ????

May 20, 2018

Dear ICE warriors,

Hope all your semester end exams are over now. The Big question you might be facing is how to prepare for GATE-17 Now. With the passing of day and you feeling that your preparation is not up to the mark the situation gets more panicking.

Well I am writing this to make your life a bit systematic and tension free.This Is based on My experience of LAST  8 years with GATE students.

First of All do not panic under any circumstances. Why I am saying This is for a simple reason that if you panic in life or any point of time during your preparation your natural ability to perform won’t be reflected. Panic will result in silly errors and hence a disastrous GATE result. Be cool , Sit back and think, Introspect and Make a plan. How to Make it I will tell you in the later part of this draft.

If you think that you have not studied anything Great till date and How will you prepare yourself in these last 50 days.? Please remove that thought. Some of us have in fact planned that if Not this year we will drop an year and try next year with double effort. But let me put it very straight to you guys.

  1. People who think that they haven’t done great, please try to understand No one in INDIA has done great till Now. Try to understand, if you had problems like college attendance, exams, viva every damn aspirant of GATE-17 was sailing In a similar boat. They All have just attended classes like what you have , they have prepared notes as you have . And some brave hearts will take the lead in these last 50 crucial days only.
  2. People who feel There is always a next year for you , Please do not think so. I have seen only 10% of people who go for next year, cracking it. In fact those are people who by the way could not perform good on that day as per their potential targeting next year.A 25 score guy will rarely have a chance to go to 75 next year.

So Important thing to understandis , it’s a competitive exam and all our competitors are also on the same level as we are. So relatively we are in a comfortable position.

Now the big question is “how to go about in these 50 odd days?”. See we approximately have 10 subjects with us in any of our branch. To prepare them an ideal approach is to complete one subject and then move on to other.

In The schedule below ,I Have Mentioned  Subject 1 or subject 2 etc. What you need to do in each subject is :

  1. Read Class notes: these notes should be the most important source of your preparation as you yourself have prepared them.( devote approx. 1.5 day)
  2. Go through past years’ questions from booklet( first try to solve GATE questions from year 2005 to 2016) of that subject. (1.5 day)
  3. Take Online test (subject wise And topic wise of this Subject) + if Extra reference material if you are having (don’t buy extra material unless you have completed already available to you)



Day 1 to day 5 :  Subject 1 (tough one or which have the highest weightage in GATE)

Day 6 to Day 10 : Subject 2 (second best weightage one)

Day-11 to Day14 : Subject 3 + revision of Subject 1 and 2( half a day. Read only notes and important points.

Day 15 to Day18 : Subject 4 (notes, GATE questions, Online test)

Day 19 to Day21 :  Subject 5 (notes, GATE questions, Online test)

Day 22 to Day 24  :  Subject 6 ( notes, GATE questions, Online test)+ revise All 6 subjects till date. If possible take a Mock test

Day 25 To Day 27  :  Subject 7 ( notes, GATE questions, Online test)

Day 28 to day30 : Subject 8 ( notes, GATE questions, Online test) + revise All syllabus once again

Day 31st : Aptitude

Day 32 to day 33 : Engineering Maths

Day 34 to Day 38  : take FLT or Mock every Day

Day 39 to Day 44 : Revise all Syllabus and Take Mocks every day and Analyse them thoroughly


Some Final Tips:

  1. Do not try to start with easy Subject first. Start with the subject which you feel is toughest.
  2. Target your studies and preparation.
  3. Don’ focus On quantity, See the qualitative studies(don’t solve reference books If you haven’t completed your Own modules and online tests). Solving same questions multiple times would waste your time.
  4. Don’t miss Mocks. Do not feel that let me complete my syllabus then I will take all India    Online mocks. Take them as and when they are scheduled. Please try to understand if you will preserve them you won’t be able to complete them at the end as you also have 12 FLT to be done. Try to understand If You score 40 marks with preparing only 4 subjects just imagine how much you will gain if you complete 6 subjects or may be when you would have completed 10 subjects. Now do Not apply your engineers Brain and say that it will be 100 on  100. But I can guarantee a decent score.

Be Passionate, and Bang hard. You have done It in the past and you have all the capabilities to replicate it in the future. Make your parents, friends proud of you. Be strong, burn the mid night oil and utilise every bit of time available to you. Don’t be part of crowd. Be a champ and show the world that you are not meant for ordinary life.

Best of Luck.

JAI HO!!!!!



The author is a veteran trainer since last 8 years.


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