How to prepare for GATE – 2016

May 20, 2018

Dear Warriors,
Hope you would have done wonders with your college exams as always.

Here I am writing this to make you realize that your tough times for GATE preparation has began. Yes , These two months are going to be very critical for you ,as you will not have much load of college attendance here. Please look at the following points effectively.

  1. Revise and re-revise whatever you have studied till now. Please try to understand that you will rarely get a chance  to revise the topics which you have already covered till now. As More and more new topics and chapters will be taught to you as soon as you will restart your preparation in month of JUNE or JULY.
  2. Make a daily schedule and start focusing on small knitty gritties of the subjects. Go through reference books,     faculty Notes , ICE books, Online subject wise, GATE questions, online sectional tests etc. etc.
  3. Don’t be in a holiday mood. I know you have burned the mid night oil for your semester exams and now wish to relax a bit. See guys, semester exams were a usual task and every one takes them. So we have not done anything special. More Over these exams will not fetch me a great career but concept clarity and GATE score can do         wonders for Me. Please make sure you don’t waste these holidays going for family vacations. I strongly recommend you to please concentrate on GATE preparation back.
  4. Your online lectures will be activated from July but believe me those won’t be of Much use to you now. Just tell me how many of you seen online lectures on IIT websites. They are free to use but we do not see. It’s quite human unless and until someone teaches us we do not grasp it . So here I will Again repeat that your class notes are the ultimate thing for you.
  5. If You feel that you are 100% with the subject let me tell you no one In GATE exam’s history have scored 100/100(not even the top faculties). So make sure that the More you study, the more You come closer to top Ranks.
  6. Give me One year of your Life. Guys believe me, this one year of grilling preparation will take you to fantastic     career. Believe Me, people will Ask you Career related question, ICE will print your photo on our website,           newspapers, posters. Your neighbor will ask your parent that “ IS it Your child whose photo is in today’s               newspaper”. Believe me guys that feeling of giving back to parents is wonderful. You will feel like a celebrity and will feel as if you have achieved a great mark in you career.

But all this require a regular and tremendous labour in terms of studies. Please be serious. Have faith on yourself . You have done wonders and you have all the guts to show this world that you are different from crowd. Be focused, firm, cool headed and bang hard .

I wish to see All India RANK  1’s  from I.C.E again this year.

All my wishes are with you .Keep fighting!! Jai HO!!

Rohan Garg
PGCBM:IIM-C : Nirma University


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