Perseverance and Hard Work

May 20, 2018

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th

People often talk about talent but never about the hard work that goes behind transforming the talent into skill. As Harsha Bhogle once said “Vinod Kambli was more talented than Sachin Tendulkar but what he did of that talent made all the difference. Sachin worked hard 16 hours every day for 25 years.” Yes talent can give you a kick start but it is hard work and perseverance that paves your way to success. I have often believed we can shape our destiny to our liking, by hard work and perseverance. When success doesn’t come even after working hard and persevering to achieve the most coveted of our dreams people give up on their dreams far too easily and go wherever destiny leads them. I believe quitting is never an option because if you work hard towards your goals, sooner or later you are bound to achieve them. A strong willed person will always fight for his goal and not accept whatever destiny has to offer. He would rather take from destiny what he wants and what he has worked hard for.

Remember how once you were a small child and you wanted to learn walking. Every time you tried to stand and walk, you fell. But you never gave up. It must have taken you zillion attempts but never did you once quit. Finally you succeeded. This is what perseverance does. A man determined to achieve his goals will always try, try again and he will try again till he succeeds. Whenever in your life you feel like quitting just remember yourself as a child and revisit the importance of perseverance. This will help you get back on your feet and rise back like a phoenix from the ashes. There has never been any substitute for hard work and perseverance.

 There is a saying which goes:

“Shallow men believe in luck, strong men believe in cause and effect.”

People who believe in themselves and have full faith that their hard work and perseverance will one day surely pay off never ever quit. Never should you settle for anything less than your dreams just because you failed in achieving your goals. Fight, Fight and Fight for your dreams until your very last breath. Always remember that in this world of cut throat competition there is no place for quitters.

Shubhang Dimri
MBA From Nirma University
B.Tech From SRM University


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