Success: Is Sharp Mind a prerequisite?

May 20, 2018

Success: Is Sharp Mind a prerequisite?

In this age of competition it is essential to keep your mind sharp. This helps in enhancing your creativity and intelligence. The ideas that you generate is what gives you an edge in this highly competitive world.

There are many advantages associated with a sharp mind:

  • When the mind is in shape you will constantly find yourself motivated and your focus will be enhanced.
  • The increased focus and motivation will help in getting more things done.
  • It will also help enhance your creativity.
  • When the mind is in shape, inspiration is not far off. Even in times of storm you will be able to see the silver lining and will face the storm with a fight.

A sharp mind helps you a long way in life. People often say that Education helps you prepare for life. What I believe is that education itself is life. We keep on learning and absorbing knowledge every passing day. Learning constantly is life. As a student you are in that stage of life when the decisions you make will have a major impact on the rest of your life. So I would advise you to not make any hasty decisions. Sit down, calm your mind, think what you want from life and then come to a decision. Reach out to your mentors and take their help.



Shubhang Dhimri


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