Learn Why And How To Be An Entrepreneur

Why Become a Businessperson?

  • Brings a sense of freedom, independence, achievement, pride, and recognition
  • Allows the transformation of one’s interest & passion into a profession
  • Breaks monotony of a 9-5 job through doing new things on daily basis

Why Choose a Franchisee Business?

  • Opportunity to work with, and leverage on, a well-known & established brand name
  • Brings in a fresh perspective, with two different minds working on the same project
  • Association with a bigger brand brings with it a status in society

Questions to Ask while Choosing a Franchisee

  • Does the brand have visibility at both local & national levels?
  • What are its strategy and method of doing business?
  • Does it provide support in content, marketing, collateral design, etc.?
  • Does it send a start-up kit to its new franchisees?

Why Become a I.C.E. GATE Institute Franchisee?

  • Cutting-edge and contemporary programs/products/courses using technology
  • Goodwill derived from a recognized & respected brand name
  • Use of logos, brand names, etc., in marketing collaterals & advertising

How to Conduct a Market Survey?

  • Start at the macro level, for example, to understand needs, actions, behavior, and opinion of test-takers of a particular product/program
  • The micro-level survey will involve understanding the resources (institutions, competition, etc.)

Business Planning & Breakeven Point (BEP) Calculation

  • Sales, in the context of a center offering test-prep programs, are defined as:
    (no. of enrollments) X (fees collected per enrollment)
  • Breakeven Point (BEP) is reached when Sales = Fixed costs + Variable Costs. Any sale beyond the BEP contributes to net profit

How to Recruit Manpower?

  • From your internal staff, their friends, family
  • Through word-of-mouth and references
  • By publishing ads in newspapers & magazines
  • By posting vacancies on online job portals

How to Train your Staff?

  • Conduct induction sessions to familiarize new employees with the organization’s core values
  • Provide hands-on training at regular intervals that is focused on providing practical exposure
  • Allow every employee to learn at their own pace

How to do Marketing & Sales Promotion?

  • Identify a specific problem your target market/audience is facing; and offer a solution
  • Develop marketing communications accordingly – to generate awareness and to promote
  • Ensure that your communication plank is distinct from that of your competitor(s)

How to do After-Sales Service?

  • Send a “Thank You” mail
  • Inquire if they have any question/query
  • Explain all the features of the product/program
  • Take them through a demo of product/academics/sales know-how